Wheel Alignment


Why is wheel alignment important?

Wheel alignment can affect the amount of wear & tear that tyres & suspension components endure. The normal alignment on most vehicles is designed to minimise wear & maximise driver safety & comfort. Correct wheel alignment will not only reduce wear to tyres, helping to increase their life & performance it will also help to increase fuel economy, handling & driver safety by reducing steering & stability issues. 

How long does wheel alignment take?

Most four wheel alignments take around an hour to check & adjust

Why does wheel misalignment happen?

Misalignment can occur when hitting a kerb or driving through a pothole, as well as in more severe circumstances like accidents, which can knock your vehicle’s suspension out of alignment. Misalignment can also happen as suspension components wear or when they are replaced. When wheel alignment is incorrect, rapid tyre wear can occur especially on the edge of the tyres, and vehicle handling can also be adversely affected. It almost certainly means that you will have to replace your tyres earlier than expected


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