Freqently Asked Questions:

Q) How often should I have my vehicle’s Air Conditioning serviced?

A) Your vehicle’s Air Conditioning system should be serviced at least once every two years.

Q) Why should I have my Air Conditioning serviced?

A) All vehicle Air Conditioning systems lose refrigerant over time, often between 10-20% a year. The Air Conditioning pump or compressor is lubricated by a special oil. The oil is carried around the system as it mixes with the refrigerant. If the refrigerant charge is to low the oil may not be distributed across the system as intended, which can lead to internal system damage and costly repair bills. Regular servicing also removes contaminants produced as a by-product of the Air Conditioning process such as: Moisture acids & other debris

Q) Why does my Air Conditioning lose gas over time?

A) Vehicle Air Conditioning can lose 10-20% of refrigerant over the period of a year. This is due to some of the system components are slightly porous, as well as the many joints with seals that will leak slightly due to the engine movement that results from driving the vehicle

Q) I don’t need Air Conditioning in the winter or do i?

A) Yes, Air Conditioning not only acts to cool the vehicle. It has a dehumidifying effect which will keep the interior of the vehicle dryer, with less moisture in the air, the amount of misting & ice formation on the interior glass of the vehicle will be greatly reduced. Also using the Air Conditioning all year round allows the refrigerant to carry lubrication around the system to seals and the compressor helping to minimise loss of gas and keeping the system in good condition.


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